Thursday, August 27, 2009

The sheer volumetric inefficiency of my brain never ceases to dazzle me. Oh, the wonders of nature, so complicated...but that a bad justification for my existence. A very bad one.
Stupid people. Today I met a guy who has his house residence number at the tail of his mail id. Idiots. What if the municipality decided to go for a revision of the numbers. He could end up having the neighbor's number on his id. what a its fine if you got a great chick in that house, but even then its too much being stupid.Also trying to hit on the neighbor coz you have her house number on your mail id isn't exactly smart. Its light years away from being anywhere close to being smart.Now "fart" is rhymingly closer to "smart" that that. But maybe being Captain 2D justifies that. or maybe not. Idiot.Again. Now do you believe in miracles, because I do. For one to happen now, here's how. On the right top corner of the browser window, is a small red cross. Blood red. I tell you these programmers are creepy guys. Psychopaths waiting to jump out of their closet...........and maybe look at an living breathing chick for the first time in their if-it-exists-its-a-wonder-how life. Don't forget to hit them with a beer-bottle on their head when this happens, just to convince them that they aren't dreaming. Also make sure you empty the beer. Beer is too valuable to be spent on dorky programmers. Even if you are Mother Teresa(or the male alternative) , you would definitely end up in hell for that sin. OK. Getting back to the creepy red cross . And you not comfortable closing it, it just goes to prove that the world is made for right handed guys. Lefties can just keep suckling their thumb(the right hand one) and fight for their rights, like thats going to happen. now, what was I talking about....yeah,..miracles. So click on that red icon ...your browser should close. If you have, you are not reading this and are perfectly normal. If you haven't, the miracle is the thing called your brain. I just asked you to close the freaking browser and here you are reading this crap assuming you are understanding the stuff on this page. Even I don't understand most of it. Or maybe you though you're smart and would outwit me by not doing what I asked you to do. Thats the point you see, the fact that you are smart doesn't mean you are not one of them. Everybody is smart....being smart is the new in-thing. You are just fucking normal............all right....I love your persistence. No, I don't believe in miracles. I was just rating your IQ and you did well. You managed to score just a scale below a new born chimp.Congrats.On that. Now just please close your browser. The Internet isn't going to miss you. Its too busy to even notice your existence. Please.Go.Die.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I need to do some serious work on marketing my blog, considering that even salman rushdie manages to sell gibberish he doesn't really believe in, I'm much better because I believe in a lot of the things I my extra terrestrial origin and the non-carbon based evolution of the guptas.Or maybe the latter are just the missing evolutionary link between bread and salads(both of which they are absolutely addicted to.).Also Captain 2D's taken a temporary off, hes off to his home planet Breadton, which was destroyed when the ants ate the layer plates of the planet. But whats concerning is that other than the yellow sun(which alone was enough for superman) , Cap needs salads too, but hes got limited supply of it. ................................... books fall off tables if the tables have a low friction gradient when you tilt them close to 27.34 degrees. Time to jump back to earth now. Bet a lot are missing me, like my watch and the dust on my shoes...............hulk smash is just a clap, just a clap for god sake!!and marvel comics got away wid it for all these for a lot of future to come. For every minute spending in organizing, the universe is going to kill you for it coz you are going against the universe's prefered system of chaos.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I think I have figured out a plan -B in case I don't land in a good place or job after B.Tech, I will open up a computer solutions kiosk outside Amity with honorary membership to pass outs I personally know. The idea hit me like a lightning bolt. The last time a similar bolt hit me was in my 8th grade, after a session in nebuliser for asthma, the doctor said I was supposed to breathe through the nose and not through the mouth. The biggest heartbreak moment too....I spent about 14 years of my life breathing the wrong way!!!!.The world hit me pretty hard then. The only thing that hit me pretty harder before that was a teacher in my 6th who got real pissed because I thought her she was pretty stupid to be my teacher and decided to answer her questions with "hey,dumbo,wassup?" looking smile on my face.No words of course.Just a smile for everything she asked.Drives people crazy that one. They just go climbing on the wall crazy when a 6th grade kid does that to them. I got beaten so hard my shoulders remained blue for almost a week. Thats when I discovered the world just feigns like its agrees with honesty, even 6th grade teachers expect the innocent minds to lie. what a hypocritical world.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

To think outside the box, you need to forget the box. Its similar too completely "feeling" a song all on your own, you got to listen to the radio, because on TV the video might be a screwed up the marketing honchos came up with for the production guys, totally irrelevant to the song . On radio, what you think and hear is what you feel and then the sparrow starts squealing like a freaked out deer.what nonsense?!!.Books are good. The next best thing to do than reading a book you don't like reading is collecting imaginary globules of air different people have breathed and labeling them according to how much you like or hate them. I'm the biggest idiot in the world. After god.And after you, obviously.
jump crazy, knock me down and sing loud the blues.and then eat, and maybe sleep...and eat again. then read something in between.WHAT A GOOD TO DO NOTHING DAY!!!!!!.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

People need to learn resoluteness. At one point of your life, you have them saying one thing at one point only to absolutely contradict it.
"nitthin, you are responsible" thats what my teacher said when i broke a test-tube in high school.
" you are not at all responsible". Thats what my profs say now. Well DUHH! is it my fault mechanical engineering labs dont have test tubes?......what people don't get is for everything that somebody says about somebody else at a given time, another person will say, at the same situation at another point of time, the absolute opposite of it. Its a law Murphy forgot putting up, because he didn't care to remember.
The fan rotates.what most people don't notice is that fans always rotate in a clockwise direction.but then coming to think of it, they also don't notice the shit under their shoes.Its funny how the a one ton AC hums. I thought these heavy ones scream.But it turns out that they hum.Hum.Tum.The fun part about songs is they slow down time.time also slows down in a lecture.Maybe all lecturers were sopranos in their previous birth, or aimed to be one someday but ended up at the wrong end of the rainbow.If P.K.Rhotagi ended up being a soprano, he would be more famous for his facial twitches that his voice, which sounds like a mating frog having a bad stomach day.There is something I am really missing,not sure about it, maybe its sanity. or maybe its just me.
"you raise me up"- song by josh groban.what a song.Now what shall I say, here goes the lyrics
you raise me up, so that I fall flat on my face.
you raise me up, and I fall again like a coconut from a tree.
you raise me up, not knowing I am a jerk,
you raise me up, ....... but who cares.

you wake me up, abcde ...12456....!@# fghijk.....;
you raise me up,.....................;
you wake me up,oh; what a pain to my sleep,
you raise me up, but who the fuck likes waking up?
you raise me up, to rip off tunes from titanic.
you raise me up,like I really care,
you raise me up, why, oh why, do you even care?