Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The south asian band festival.

Apparently there is a rock band in Nepal. And they can play too. Some music. But I still don't get the rock part. And the old grandpa singing is so unnerving. His moves are disturbing. And totally out of sync with any remote trace of music. i'm afraid he'll end up impaling his spine in his own rib cage. He keeps shreiking out "and the next number is?..."....I guess the demented old man is hallucinating that he is in line for a liver transplant. Very cold gig. And all the momo makers seem to love it. Pretty sure delhi is having a momo-drought tonight. I have a cold, dry cough and I still manage to shreik better than him. The guitar is good, but the old man is killing that too. Finally, after a little more eons of incomprehensible music that was aping bollywood in the worst possible way and tagging itself rock, the anchor decides that maybe its time the majority of the crowd got back to making momos. Finally, the grandpa's band were gone for food, sorry; good, Thermal and A Quarter (and KANDISA, kailash kher's band)waiting to get and stage and the smell of momos back in the delhi airspace. What an evening.

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