Monday, December 20, 2010

I need to get a life. And soup. Soon. Maybe Lanba was right. Maybe I'm at times a  retard who's more concerned with caring about how random people would react to me shouting BURP at their faces than sorting out what I really need to do. The irony of the whole thing is Lanba never said it in the first place. He did tell me to get a life, but he's been doing that for years now. I hope his preserverence pays. At least for my sake. My own, freaking sake. Does that make selfish? I don't know. Retarded? Maybe. Right now , I need to finish making that video. I need ideas, and very clearly, I'm not helping myself. Until I do get a brainwave, which better be soon, "ahoy,( I sooo want to spell out "good bye" in Spanish, but I forgot.)''.

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