Saturday, October 31, 2009

no idea why this ended up here instead of the bore-blog.

this is probably about how the sun was on the opposite side of the sky when i woke up this morning. and how my name looks wrong every time i write it until it's gotten to the point that i'm not even sure how to spell it. it's about how everything has been flying out of my control so that i can't remember how to walk without making a sound. or how to hold on to the edges when my vision gets too blurry. this is almost certainly about how you live one and three forth miles to the north of me, but i forgot and slept facing the south last night so now i just feel like i turned my back on you.

but really, this isn't about you.

it's about how i've subscribed to the same three magazines for three years now, and every time i open them i feel like i've seen it all before. and how today is like yesterday and four days before that. it's about how i'm a repeat stuck on repeat, and we're all the same, and i'm drowning in an ocean of these fluid lies and tired eyes. this is maybe, almost completely about how my syllables sound like falsities every time i answer the phone trying to sound like i've grown up, and about how i'm hoping it's you while i'm sifting through message lists and memories.

but really, i promise, i promise this isn't about you.

it's about how i forget what i'm saying in the middle of sentences with complex compound structures. and how i'm not much at talking since i get nervous and my words stop making sense. it's about how i speak in different languages that all sounds alike or like stutters. and how you're clinging to my ribcage telling me to wait. to breathe. to smile. this is absolutely about how you're like two fingers on my wrist checking for a pulse and about how you're substituting your own sort of rhythm to the crash course soundtrack of my life.

this probably isn't about you, but maybe every other moment is.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Its truly significant that every man ever born has absolutely no memory of the most significant moment of his life-being born. Yes , some people might have had a perpetual itch at the spot where the nurse slapped them on their naked new born butt because they did not cry a few 15-30 seconds into the world. Seems birth is met with sadism and a slap on the butt. If birth is truly a holy event, heaven would be filled with wet-nurses. Unless they had Indian bureaucracy , then there would be reservations for the other backward tribes and the other bunch of people whom god never really liked. Maybe if the RSS had their way, they would make a urine dip compulsary (yes, its spelled compulsory, but this is how the Shiv Sena wants it.) requirement for new about being born in piss. The most beautiful aspect of the world is irrelevant. It isn't especially funny writing blogs that tend to go nowhere at 2 in the night....but then its equally irrelevant that this sentence is not going to end soon because I am running out of words. HMM. how do you run out of words...? funny concept,that one.and tuna tastes good. but not after 2 hours. then it gets kind of squishy.and cold. and scooters and vacations and fall.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yesterday, the space research arm of the RSS (a hindu organisation who believe they are a secret ninja clan and are confused about why they exist) discovered cow's urine samples on the moon. After their press meet, NASA organized a mass suicide campaign for all people with an IQ above 9. Except the Chinese. They still get to be communists and believe they see the moon brightly in a day because the official government circular said so. This comes after RSS attempt at making a cold drink out of cow's urine. If only the poor cow could talk, but maybe the poop's enough for them now. Going by inside rumors, the party has decided to include making a cow Prime Minister the highlight of their next election manifesto. along with computer literacy, i-pods and public toilets with air-conditioners - for cows.......................... I always knew human rights was a joke.
Hot news today: Water makes things wet.
Weather forecasts: The sky shall been seen blue for the most part of the next century, and water shall drop from the sky in what we call the rain.(NASA had to launch a satellite and cough up around a billion dollars in funding to confirm this one. ISRO just had to spend a few hundred rupees, photocopying is still cheap.).