Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some people think writing is easy, the hard truth is; it actually is. And the people who know this are the people who end up writing. You don't have to spew quality material everytime, because every word written down a lesson in self improvement, along with truckloads of self loathing and disgust. I've come to find that pretty much everyone who writes hates mostly every bit of their works. Every write up is a ridiculous one, only better than the one it precedes. The only hard thing at writing is finding your own style at it, one that doesn't make you want to puke all over once you read what you've written. The rest, that's easy. It's never difficult finding something to write, every person on the street, everyone you know, everyone you care about and everyone you ever wanted to punch in the face, they're all volumes of stories waiting to be told, all bursting at the seams, waiting to be written. What matters is, how you make it connect, how you make it intrinsically independent and yet carry on a theme forward, something that I am yet to figure. Turns out now I know why I haven't ever written in the serious sense of writing, now only if I would do something about it.

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