Wednesday, July 29, 2009

S.A.D............................................MY MATTRESS IS FLAT.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Harry potter was big heartburn.....the movie, romance...everything except emma watson suckeddddddddddd. Now let the J.I.Joe(s) come, hope at least that would do some justice.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

No matter how much I try, how long I try, I can't seem to stop talking to myself in my head.most of the time I feel like I'm woody allen on crack, muttering gibberish to myself and then arguing it over and over again, all in my head.Its tough being a lot smarter than you actually think you are, it really is.Some days I just wish some jerk hit my head hard knocking me unconscious so that I could be at peace for a while, but thats the problem with the jerks, you never find jerks when you need them the most.

Friday, July 24, 2009

4the year days in college, the sheer no. of papers I have successfully accumulated over the past academic years, the compulsion on a working model project... and the most important part- the persistence of the "devil may care, who gives a damn" attitude.GOD!!!!!!B.Tech ended up being a bitch, initially the dejection at the lackluster course contents, then the faculties with "we are dumb" stickers written on their forehead.Those are magical stickers though.Only smart people (like me) could see them. The "yes master" batch mates never kind of seem to see it.Sad.whatever, coming to the point, even though I never thought I would, I am kind of feeling a wee bit sad on getting into the final phase.....hoping to get some good memories,good friends and great fun.Thats it with the senti part. The fun part is I still got time ....and nothing much to do.what a bore..............................

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A basket-case.Me or the world, no idea. Have no idea about what shit we got ourselves into regarding the project that we were supposed to do.Roaming around with old schoolies suddenly seems to make me so and depressing low....everybody else is so busy talking about their jobs I'm kind of feeling singled out for jumping a year...again.
HEAT.The only thing in common for Delhi and Chennai. and then there is me . :-)
And bought a pulsar 220,....bikes' good ..very good condition actually.I AM BORED TO DEATH :-( :-(

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

wasn't kidding about the ripping part......chk out the blog
its definitely not mine, coz i definitely aint tht vain
Today, 7/7/2009; my worst fears materialized.I have been such a brilliant epitome of verbatim that a mortal soul asked me if he could rip-off my blog into his.And by rip off,I mean absolute rip -off...the cut-copy-paste one.WOW. Feels like receiving a Field's award for my hyperbole(yes, I am in love with the word hyperbole).Being the benevolent soul that I am, I decided to let him go forward with it...after all, knowledge is to be shared. Never thought regressive evolution would reach such a pinnacle. Bet this is definitely the day the people at Delta squad at Amity feared for the worst. This is apocalypse.The end of the world.Salvation shall soon be only a hope in the realm of the dreamers!!!!!-by the way terminator 4 was a big let down,what a waste of christian bale's acting skills!!!still sobbing over the let down.Its upto Potter and guys at Hogwarts to save the the way,where the hell did Supes go?