Friday, January 7, 2011

To sound like the spam that rained exactly 7 days ago from today on your e-mails and sms, Happy New Year. To be honest, writing has been reduced from an activity that I did approximately every lecture hour/day/week during boring college hours to something that I hope to do now-a-days. Maybe it's because now-a-days, I'm inclined to think before I write anything (which is a complete rarity by itself, I never think before I do anything. I usually do something and then think about why, but even that doesn't help because half way through the thinking, the sky just turned a shade blue darker and my head is whizzing away right there, among the clouds. Only thunderclaps around.) and blogging has gone from being enjoyable to something like writing an exam, mostly. Now-a-days, every time I have an itch to write, a huge placard pops out of nowhere saying "Warning! This is going to get seriously boring/depressing". Contrary to popular opinion, Life AIN'T a bitch. Sweet, sour, absurd, pointless, lessons, mistakes, love, hate, bliss, depression, but never a bitch. Guess life is something that happens between "before you were" and "after you ceased to be". Sometimes, I'm amazed how smart I am. Like my 12th std zoology teacher loved shouting at me, "Eeeeeediot fellow only you, nitthin!". With that very zingy south indian accent fully thrown in. I hate admitting it, but I loved listening to that. Making somebody shout out stuff that sounded thoroughly funny, in-spite of the content, is a very full-filling feeling, atleast in 11th and 12th grade school. And yes, I have reached the point where there's a buzz in my head screaming at 200+ decibels, "boring/depressing". I need a pill that'll help me totally blur out my school days. That way, I won't flood my blog with useless musings about it. But considering how much useful content this blog has ever produced, DUH!