Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15 times you get a feeling its just an excuse for a city. Definitely not the best place on the planet. Also not the worst. But there is something of an old world charm in a city that is over 400 years old. And honestly, I haven't got all of it through yet. So I'll just stick to what I felt. I spent half of my schooling here. Memorable times.That's coz I don't remember the other half, was too small a kid then. Chennai ain't a bad city, it has it charms. But when you are someone who used to love the city years ago, its a sad feeling.The city is going nowhere. Freaky traffic, highway roads that are as cramped as one way lanes, people who respond to honking like they are deaf...and love to walk in the very midst of traffic. If I was a first timer, I would hate the city, from the deepest recess of my soul. But something about the city, something great and sweet, hangs on. For starters, you don't need a reason to celebrate here. Everyday, every sunrise, every step, is a celebration in continuum. And the hustle bustle of the city, ridiculous,amazing and weirdly beautiful. Somethings which would irritate you to death at some other place, becomes a matter of everyday passing here. Love it, hate it, the city goes on, a celebration that started 400 years ago still bustling on in all its glory.