Sunday, August 22, 2010

I think today I shall write. but before that, there's a whole lot of other very important things to do.brush.bath.pee.poo.pom.(pom: rhymes with pee & poo). So as I was saying, I shall write. or gloat. or maybe float. or eat a goat. I have an obsessive affection for rhymes. Its is getting in my way. I need to get over it. pit. I like grapes. They are the fruits of hope. With an apple or an orange, you are stuck with it if its not good. But with grapes, there are so many of them, there's always a second chance. 90% of the time I investigate a smell, the answers are always bad. The other 10%, its just me hallucinating about the food. I got some pajamas today. With pockets, which is great Before this, I had to hold stuff  when I was sleeping.!! A Frisbee is the only object you can throw at a random person, and it is OK. beautiful invention!!! There are AA batteries, but no B or BB batteries. Maybe it was to avoid people from stuttering, else the conversation would go this way:
man (at a store): can I have BB Batteries.
store guy: yeah. what size?
man: i said BB Batteries.
store guy: I know. W-H-A-T SIZE?!!!!!
and D batteries. that would be tough for the Chinese and Indians. One of my friend stutters. Some think its bad, but I don't think so. Every word he speaks... has suspense.  The problem with having fat friends when I was a kid was, every see-saw was a catapult. I learned ballistics instead of oscillations!!!