Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today I made a huge discovery. But I decide to remain silent about it least I give Edison inferiority complex in his grave. I love probability. they have questions like: find the probability that at least one bomb strikes a gupta ? Ans: 1.  Prateek starred in a movie called : R&AC, beer and dhoka. The plot is usual, R &AC exam comes up, prateek says he needs to study for it and 4 days later, he's caught having beer at Geoffrey's. Fat pahadi liar!!!!!(for the geeks, R&AC stands for Rat's Ass Crap..the "&" is just in there to make it look all sophisticated and complex)...The gupta battalion hates me,seems I'm giving them free publicity. What a bunch of morons, they are already 70% of the public!!!!....for baniyas, they do suck at mathematics!!!!!.....I'm a mallu who did half of his schooling in anna-land!!! can't get any better near the times,"what is are you doing" sounds like a legitimate sentence(courtesy my 7th grade maths teacher.....and yes, she had a proper south indian name: samrajyalaxmi!!!!)............and of course, I do have those friends who go "ada paavi!!!" (* tamil for :oh my god, its said that the anna ancients used to say this to scare away humans!!!) at the mention of words like beer, puff, pint, whiskey, sex, girlfriend and life....there's a general feeling that southies are marginalized in N.India...well, if you walk around in lungi(I knew one who went modern and dressed in red shirts,yellow pants and freaky dev anand styled caps....didn't help either), acting like rajnikanth and talking like vijaykanth(nokidding, check this out:, accusing people here of giving you weird looks, you shouldn't be surprised. I had a friend with a dark secret in school. Like all "baiys" in my school, excluding the guys in a group who had the title conferred "the rascal fellow" by the principal on each of them(the only resemblance I have with one of those rascals, with the same name as me, is when I stare in the mirror, everything else is fictitious...parallel universes..and mirrors are cheap liars u see,...even the magic mirror cheated the witch queen(sweet monica bellucci)....:-(..!!!) he had a patch of vibuthi ( ash.....all kids were great fans of Lord shiva)...but the truth was.....IT WAS FAIR & LOVELY!!!!!...that rat bastard used it as a back up during the lunch break beautification...and he actually thought it was a million dollar idea and pledged a whole string of "mother promise" and "god promise" when I found it out. ( for the nosy ones , his name was Suresh and the only thing darker than him him was him on a no moon night with no stars.). Yes, it's my semester exam time and yes, I'm bored!!!!