Monday, March 22, 2010

May the force be with you. and with me. and so be all the crap. People are subject to trouble in various sizes and shapes and designations. Weird faculties, old-hag HODs and fat ass lab assistants. Life is determined by a variety of variables, download speeds, manga updates and torrent availability. In college, some people have very good academics...the rest have a life and great friends. The Queen of England is married to the King of England....queer people....if you are already the Queen, marry another country's prince..!!!. Sex is over-rated. So say those who have had it. Hypocritical Bastards!!!. Certain people in college have 100% 4th year, they are like the crew on Davy Jone's Dutchman...a part of the scribbled walls, defunct ACs and broken chairs. The pigeons poop on them and nobody notices!!!. Of course there are certain limitations in college life. And of course, they are all fictional. Life Daffy Duck...a flurry of quacky rules. Everybody likes a joke once in a while. All the remaining while, its just the joker at a high probability of skull injury. Its important to look at the bigger picture. Everybody should look at the bigger picture. That way, you get to be irresponsible for the smaller parts and still have a justification for it. Of course, you were looking at the bigger picture!!!. Who invented the word "apple" ? In a lecture, a long restrained need to piss can be a huge driving force :
- it keeps you awake...the only time you look forward to going to the washroom.
- the act is more relieving than a lecture in progress.
- you feel good after a good piss, but feel pissed after a lecture.
Now, a mathematical problem:
A and B live 158 kms apart. A can walk at 3.7 kmph and B can walk at 2.2 kmph...assuming both decide to walk towards each other, find,
- what the hell is wrong with A and B ?
1- both are crazy.
2- you are crazy coz you came up with all that.
3- both 1 and 2
4- I am hungry. I need food.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The duct tape blog started as a blog about the story of the duct-tape and has come to cover various topics, like "staring at white walls to kill boredom", "studying the motion of imaginary flies", " engg" to "nothing". Everybody loves to dabble in philosophy.Doesn't make a difference if its self made or the highly prevalent "Ctrl+c" and "Ctrl+v" types. Google Buzz is still a no brain can't comprehend what it is trying to achieve. Emoticons are over-rated.....they make your fingers do circus stances on the keyboard, and I can't ever seem to remember them. Its equivalent to manually remembering to laugh at a joke than spontaneously laughing at it. It must be taken into consideration that the English language was funny even before the emoticons "lol"ed their way into the language. (of course most of the jokes were English jokes and there were more chances of a partridge pooping on ur head twice in succession than an Englishman understanding their own jokes. Eg.:
englishman 1: I saw thies indean maun with aa twiech on his faace. The faace snotted averytaime he lau-oghed. aet was saw fanny I haed to haold my paaants fram fallin doon.(which translated into meaningful english means:I saw this indian man with a twitch on his face. the face snorted everytime he laughed. it was so funny I had to hold my pants from falling down).
englishman 2: hahahahahaaa. you aere a fanny maun.(19th century "lol"ing. you are a funny man). (yes, they were racists)
GOD(highabove) : what the fuck!!!!! twany pieces of twit poodles!!!!!
the author: end of joke. start "lol" ing or "rofl"ing ur ass off.