Tuesday, February 16, 2010

men make and un-make themselves, but the cake still needs to be baked and coffee is good anytime of the day!!...........ya, I know, don't ask why!!Its called mechanical engg.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Very little is known about Mr. satpathy ( the guy who teaches *ahem-ahem* for 4th year mechanical engg.) other than that his name rhymes with aggarbathi and he is of the male bong species, where male is actually ,in most cases, an exaggeration. There are a few male like sanyal but then he can beat the shit out of actual males so fast that the victim would hope they were of the opp sex. And we aren't talking about the sayal type bongs. (Hope now sanyal is not offended about me blabbering about the bongs.). And then, very little number of people care to know more than a little about satpathy. The sad fate of mech faculties. If somebody had asked him " what is your favorite part about teaching?", I'm pretty sure that at the mention of the word "favorite", a subconscious trigger would have already splashed images of gulab jamun/rosgollas in his head that it would have drowned out the remaining part of the question, even though nobody would have any idea as to what the question was about. An average class in a standard mechanical 4th year section is made of the following components :
- two/ five bollywood songs sung in the class which initiates a whole plethora of animal laughter. Any normal/sane time and these songs would have been unbearable, but faculties do have a gift of making even the most mundane gutter shit appear extremely good.
- a bunch of random expletives hurled at nobody, but which the faculty assumes to be directed at him, making him vulnerable to a whole lot of abuses that would make the 1st few appear like they were religious verses from the vedas.
- a set of games that is played at the last few pages of the notebook. The faster the guy who won the local class Olympics in these, the better for him to be all the more less discrete about it.
-some stupid comment by the faculty aimed at silencing the students, but instead ends up shoving the faculties’ foot down his mouth.
- a blackmail / ransom game with the attendance by the faculties aimed at the student, only to make the faculty realize that certain vocabulary have expanded a lot while since their college days.
- the final roll call at the end of the class, the only time in the class when faculties are allowed to assert their importance. After all, if every dog can have its day, then once in a while, every faculty should be allowed his minute!!

N.B: I just got away with writing “all the more less” above!!! and you thought there was nothing wrong with it.