Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some people will have you convinced that the whole life deal is about "Getting the point" of some particular thing or other.
Maybe its your job, relationship or the absurd price of a macchiato. I just realized i'm an arrogant ass. Went for a haircut today and the guy asked me to get a shampoo, dirty hair it seems. Now I can't put up with people mocking my hair, even though I don't give a hair's hair about my hair. So while he was at it, i kept repeating '' I wash people's hair for a living'' in my head. That just made me realize I don't want to be single dad. I don't want my kid abusing me every time he takes a dump! Being sick is so sick it tops every other feeling of sickness.

Shakespeare, apart from his usual poems, used to write ones that used to make sense too. But that usually got into a lot of trouble because of his free spirited pen thinking. like this one:

hickety-fickety-picket foo;
what the fuck am I supposed to do?

Now, in the 1500s, "hickety-fickety-picket foo" was an expletive and "fuck" was an alias of King James. One of the reasons why the poem went unpublished.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Truth is a bunch of lies. like santa claus , its something the people around us keep convincing us to believe in, but it doesn't exist. What I don't get is why santa claus; the old gandalf looking garanpa seems so least he didn't have to be a lie. I was happy believing he was actually a part of a larger secret society of ninjas based in the north pole. what a shame. Ironically, the Magnetic Fields sounds so soothing. somewhere, winter circles in the sky as the flow of the air mellows down time around us. Writing that line just gave me a feeling of pissing in my pants, you not only feel warm but the people around happen to notice too.and of course, the feel like shitty part is definitely there. At least, Newton wasn't completely right about gravity. Coz in my dream its not really sure if i am falling or flying. Or if the universe suddenly starts contracting around you based on that singular disaster of your life. in winter, everything happens in slow motion. except the chocolate cream on your vanilla scoop, it still flows as usual. Now why is this not i care.the keyboards needed some excerise, and here it is. Easy is an uneasy word....every time you use easy somewhere, 2 seconds down the line you really are rolling back wondering if it actually was that easy as you termed it to be. Its one of those hypocritical words in dictionary that exists for the sole reason of making human lives miserable, like "love" .....and "life" and ...."bitch", no wonder they rhyme with cow,wife and itch respectively.I just found an easy test to determine if you are bored :Keep staring at the word "Forgot" on a A4 paper for long enough, if you are bored enough, your brain will definitely distort it to "maggot". But if its "faggot" after a few seconds, thats just a low self esteem coupled with boredom. You need to go see a shrimp then.