Monday, September 28, 2009

Misconceptions. People have misconceptions. and then they have misconceptions about their misconceptions. and misgivings. and hope. and the wired tie that should have gone down the drain but they still wear because everyone wants to look dumb once in a while. and the small inch of nail which they had been planning to clip off a day before but forgot because god decided to let it live an extra day. But nails are dead cells. like hair. protein and vitamin shampoos are never going to bring them back. they are dead. wonder where they go to, after they die all over again . The reason why people are sad is coz they over rate life but under rate everything about it. It should be the other way round. The sky could have been a million other shades of six other colors, but its blue. The birds could have croaked instead of frogs, but only frogs do. And a few humans. Music could have never happened, color could have never happened, the green grass waving in the wind under the beautiful yellow sun could have never happened. Me going emo at 12.58 pm on the 29 th of september could have never happened. But it is....the light is still beautiful and its a good life to be living. My incoherency is crying out at the flimsy uniformity of this blog. Time to say good bye.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


My body's going bonkers. The temperature is falling ..WTF? Fever would have been better, but crossing over into the undead isn't fun, nor are vampire clans. But its better than last year, that was when the mercury in the thermometer took a free bungee fall to 93 degrees......bongs react pretty good to earthquakes...cap-2D and lanba placed a seismograph on a bong flubber(name with held for whatever).....they shake. My hod loves me.......been getting blasted on weekly basis now. now, danish plans to have curd with beer. Talk about bhramins going western.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I think I have pretty much figured out why I end up being so confused and random every next second. Its coz I'm stupid. Or lets just say "differently enabled", coz I don't want the retards world over to be offended at being called their true name on their face. The reason- I can't think in sentences, or words.....I think in images.....and images aren't the most linearly viable way of thinking. Its easier to figure out a pablo piccaso painting or a peek preview of memento than trying to focus on which part of the picture I am on. Its like staring at a map in a subway, the hardest sign to find is the "you are here " one. I need on of those in my head. By the time I figure out what one picture is about, its fucking gone. Personally I think the concept of taking pictures and storing memories for the future is bogus. The world is going to end anyway. And nobody cares about a 2.1 billion year old ancestor trying to figure out how long his camera battery lasts when the sun is dying. Issues. I love it when people say " I don't see gender. I just see people." Its like saying "my heart is where its supposed to be, but fuck I'm stupid." I am not sure why I put the "heart" thing in that sentence. Maybe it was the picture in my head...that one should have just remained a negative waiting for all eternity to be developed. Or at least till the world ends. Think the Gmail guys got their whole chat iconography wrong. They have green for being "available" (ahem) and red for "busy". Its the opposite that should be. Because even at traffic signals, Green says "full throttle and get the fuck off coz I don't like your face" whereas Red is " I got nothing to do all day and am planning to share the experience with you". Either the programmer guy doesn't know how to drive. Or its just a girl! The latter expression explains everything, except the universe and men. And physics and maths and traffic signals and road maps and street signs and gaming consoles and the marvel multiverse and so on and so forth. The reason why men hate "window shopping" the most is simple. Even in a shopping splurge, there is some guy making profits...somehow the "brotherhood of men" is that economy and stock prices and all those monetary mumbo-jumbo is involved. But there is absolutely no revenue in "window shopping". When I was a kid, I decided that if my parents were killed, I would spend all my life fighting crime, like Bruce Wayne. The only hiccup was I didn't know where to buy the batmobile and the swanky bikes. And the millions. But if they ended up normally peacefully, then I would become an investment banker. Now thats whats called being morally caught between a rock-star and a jack-ass. The most significant aspect of love at 1st sight is you are so sure you want to spend the rest of your life with the person you don't deserve. Personally, I think Sigmond Freud was a guy with a huge list of problems....and a bad childhood. No, really. A very bad one.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My faculties hate me. Till date I thought they didn't know I exist, but as it turns out, they do know I exist. That drove me sad, coz initially I was happy to think I was one of those enigmatic mysterious ghostly apparitions that just materialized in the class once or twice every semester. But I was wrong. The program leader even knows my name and roll number personally. And they hate me. Everybody hates the smart guy in the class. So there are two guys in the class who are thoroughly hated, me and the smart guy. SAD. But thinking why people look at you with a certain attitude is pointless, like blogging. I have decided to put my organizational skills to use at our flat. By the beginning of next week, I am going to label everything. Absolutely everything. There's also going to be a label on my head saying "my head". But I can't label water, air and light though. Light is invisible unless it reflects off a surface. Weird.(thanx ganesh.B-).its called creative inspiration by the way.).I need a new name by the way.(thts 2 "by the way" consecutively. My eng grammar teacher said that such usage is suicidal. Hope she has done it now, by the way!). Nitthin is too alphabetically fucked up. Its easier to type fucked up than typing nitthin. Think I will rename myself as Mr.A. Thats pretty easy. I will not only end up first on the telephone directory but also I am a vowel , an article, a noun and the 1st in the dictionary too. That makes me multi-talented. And wouldn't have much trouble explaining the meaning of my name.All people would have to do is look up their dictionary.The English one. Coz the hindi , tamil and malayalam ones would have me named as "aaah". That would make me the god of pain or something. No. I'm not. I have no exact idea what nitthin means, though I pretend I do. My parents did say something but even they knew they were lying. The explanation rhymed so closely with-"we didn't actually care, we were just tired of calling you -the kid". How creative. I think I know from where the stuff of my blog comes from. Blame the genes!!!!!!!!