Friday, May 22, 2009

Last week got this real grudge about gravity and the fact that it sucked.hell.who cares?.Going home soon.And no,I am not jumping crazy happy.I guess my happiness has become less geo-centeric.I feel good about the fact that I am going home, but so is everybody else in my college.WTF!.Its not like my college decided to give my perfect 10 Gpa for doing absolutely nothing in the 3yrs I have "studied" here. The only thing that has happened to me after school is retardation.School was bliss, the only fear was of the dirty faces that the princi made when he saw me....yes,u'r right, me.Not even my freaking paper with the results, just me.He never cared to look at my papers to see how good(or bad, or worse, pathetic,redundant.......time for my next verbal diahorrhea pill) were, I just seem to have that effect on most people.And so I qualify the basic necessity to be a good manager, giving people a sick feeling about themselves without actually doing any real activity. The blog windows got a "label for this post" option below with examples of scooters,vacation, fall. Ironic. I know it, Google is bitching with me. Here I am hoping I get a vehicle next session, praying for a vacation and on a academic downhill which more resembles a bungee jump fall.....and wow. To hell with freaking google. Seems the pill is having its effect.....dozing off