Thursday, April 2, 2009

It was while taking a stroll in the park that the seemingly obvious irony of my life hit me and being the obnoxious wretch that most people assume I am, i seemingly ignored it in the general cacophony of the day-to-day trivialities. Though it is totally another thing that I haven't taken a stroll in any park in a long, long while and the above sentence was just the expression of the bright side of the verbal diarrhea (without the explicit abuses) that I often seem to fall into ,I love a ego massage once in  a while. O.K, thats enough of me now.There are more surrealistically profane absurduties going on in the world around, the gutters of it filled with the blood and the filth of the savage breed of humans trying to survive their everyday vanities. All those who now uptill here have got the truth stuck right in their face about the circus around them, think out this too. Bullshit.Like I give a damn.Its all about me and if it isn't about me, then it isn't there.The world is a beautiful place, its the most beautiful thing that could happen ever. If someone thinks the world is a fucked up place to be in, thats just because of his fucked up view due to a fucked up prespective . Even the Gods high up in the world are jealous of this place........................and thats enough linguistic vomit to puke in a day.Goodbye, .....burn and die.(The last line, the goodbye.. one is actually haiku poetry, and yes, I am the ultimate authority of haiku in the universe, all those who question it shall do so at their own mortal peril....and burn in the stinking bowels of hell's wretched slimeballs.).