Friday, January 16, 2009

some gupta seems pissed....i love guptas...met one,a good friend..a chance to meet another,i better be dying.its a beautiful place, with all the ugly faced people having a waltz believing themselves to be beautiful.The other day, i heard a girl refer to the masala dosa as "wow, sexy masala dosa". Now thats it, can't take it anymore.For goat sake(decided on goat instead of god for 2 reasons-1-it rhymes wid god.duhh!!.2-don't wan't baba ramdev running behind me for including God and Sexy in the same convrsation) , it was only masala dosa...if she had been referring to her friends, maybe that would have been appropriate.I love breads, they get the shit out of you so soon you don't even realize it.And its pretty strange, the gupta loves it.I tell you, they aren't Carbon based life form, they must be bread based or something, with salads loaded for variety.And i still don't believe i ams so bored i got to update this blog...of all the worse shitty ideas i have come up with, this tops the list.The sad part is i believe i am good at it.well thats natural for all guys too smart who end up looking dumb, i guess.