Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A peek into Captain-2D..THE ORIGINS

Today is the day that history will remember the day Captain-2D was born, but considering the fact that he is a Gu****pta(*-censoring gimmick to prevent hurting sentiments,now you geniuses did figure that out,didn't you...suckers), "being born" is an oxymoron.To say the truth, he just popped ot today.----!@POP#$...there he is;POP..he's gone.And no, the Captain can't fly, or teleport(or think and solve maths for that matter,but;whatever) or tear apart missiles(but yes, he can bend spoons at buffets)...he is just visible from 2 dimensions..view him from the side and you see,suprise!!!...nothing.just like vanishing into thin air, he ain't there no more.and thats enough patronising for today.

Monday, December 15, 2008

hi to all those non- existent readers out there. got my imagination ducted recently, so wasn't good at coming up with the usual crap.anyway, everything's been good so far, the world is just fine, the people are as racist as the nazis and god is still oblivious of the fact that he created humans...things are going on as usual. some guys have got gals some got moms and some got both in a single package...kind of pathetic from the outside but maybe they find it interesting, submissive idiots. what's more weird is they think they are totally being true to themselves and the above allegation is just people making fun;what an excuse for life.sad.