Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Thou shall not Machine Design." -GOD

"God made man, and man made Machine Design; thus one retard follows the other" -Devil

The universe has a design, everything has a pattern,so thought Austin Powers.But we all know ,Austin Powers is as dumb as his cousin Bush.Also,they co-invented Behavorial Science,so that says pretty much all about them.(what most people don't know is both of them are Sigmund freud's great grandson born out of wedlock,so he obviously has no knowledge of them.).Japan bombed Pearl Harbour to get an edge,they never realised that Amrica would listen to AP and nuke them ,just to complete the pattern finally teaching them no matter what they do,they still end up being a bunch of rotten noodles. They are like the fuking Bongs , but the bongs do have exceptions,but thats just a strain of genetic disorder among a very few of them.

Hitler was a great gamer,th guy played , his whole life , had a ball, thats it.One ball.SAD.Thats untill his reserchers found that it was some stingy baniya ending in Gupta and not valmiki who wrote the Hamlet and some even to this day believe it was a guy called Shakespeare,freaking retards.By the way,valmiki,along with tulsidas,both were freaking communists ,they loved the russians and tutored Rasputin.Coming to russians,they love vodka.According to them , the only diff between vodka and water is ,water's got 0% alcohol in it, so obviously not worth drinking.

"Love is a quandry, life is like a laundry and in the end,you die in a foundry" -some stupid Mallu.

The British are a really smart bunch of people.They didn't leave India because Gandhi decided to pose half naked,they left because they knew 50 years down they line,they would have to outsource , and there was no point in outsourcing from Britain to British India. Obviously, they knew free India would go to work on much lesser wages and the Chinese were never going to get their english right.The chinese have what is known in their scriptures as the NOODLES CURSE.Its believed that Tao put this curse when the British decided to cut his opium supplies,which later led to the opium wars.The curse goes something like " everytime a Chinese starts talking english, he shall find undigested noodles in his mouth, thus talking english like noodles".Thats why in China ,they fake everything except Tao figures , they don't want to end up with a curse that would turn their fakes into noodles,bad for their economy and stomach.